Thursday, April 29, 2010


To identify a solution, sometimes it is best to imagine an ideal and then see how much of it can be realistically achieved. Let's imagine for a minute a hypothetical where we could design an organization most optimized for influencing the world for the better, for transforming society. What would we want in such an organization?

Well, it would need to be big; let's imagine that this organization that encompasses one-sixth of the world's population, over a billion members. That it has a headquarters and real estate in every city in the West, and even just in many small towns all over the world. That it has an established system of government, a clear chain-of-command already in place. That it has a high profile and almost unlimited contacts and connections in society even among non-members. And, for good measure, let's even say that the incentives it has at its disposal to motivate members are infinite rewards or eternal punishment.

If such an organization existed, it would probably have been able to do something about abortion by now. At the very least, I don't think it would fear repercussions for kicking out members who supported it.

It's a shame the Church can't have all those incredible advantages like our hypothetical ideal organization.

Oh, wait...

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