Tuesday, April 13, 2010

True Courage

I may not agree with him that it's time for the Pope to resign (yet; though I feel myself getting closer every day that the ineptitude and dithering continues)...but you have to applaud Fr. Scahill for having some balls in an era when it seems like castration must be part of the rite of episcopal consecration.

Some of his actions I would call truly heroic:
In his eight years at St. Michael's Church, Scahill has withheld money from the Diocese until Richard Lavigne was defrocked, and he has accused church leaders of ineptitude.
With-holding money! That's what needs to start happening if we are going to get it through these corrupt, cowardly bishops' heads that change needs to happen now!
"Of course I'm afraid. My stomach has been jumping off and on for eight years. Of course I'm afraid. But when a person comes to the point of not being afraid to die, how can you then possibly fear what anyone or any institution will do to you?" Scahill said.
Now there is the bravery we need in the episcopacy! That is the bravery we need in the presbyterate!! That is the bravery we need in lay Catholics!!! Admittedly, I have no idea how orthodox he is on other matters, of course, but he certainly has the fortitude that is lacking in so much of the clergy. And yet, people are condemning him and calling him a "Doubting Thomas"...(of course, he doesn't really have much to fear; if they don't even remove child molesters and heretics, how likely is it that they'll remove him for this?)

I think I'll write this heroic priest to thank him for his courage and outspokenness and ask if he has any advice for us.


Anonymous said...

You need not publish this comment, whereby I seek only to inform you that, if you have access to the British leftist publication "New Statesman" (probably subscribed to by your university library), you will find therein an article with relevant remarks on the matter of the inadequacy of priestly formation and the insights that Cardinal Newman may have to offer in this regard (with, alas, no precise reference as regards the provenance of the suggestions ascribed to him).

Anonymous said...

Sorry for my off-topic comment; I am used to blogs exercising comment moderation.

Anyway, the article that I refer to is actually available online: http://www.newstatesman.com/religion/2010/03/newman-catholic-benedict

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Who is Saint Helier, exactly?

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Thanks! A beautiful place too.