Tuesday, April 13, 2010

An Ironic Headline (For Us...)

Pressure Mounts for Radical Changes to Postal Service

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And, in the face of such pressure, the Postal Service will change, I have no doubt. Radically. See, no other organization is so afraid of reform.
A new report from the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office, obtained by The Washington Post, says the Postal Service business model is "not viable" and recommends to Congress that the proposed changes be made immediately.

"If no action is taken, risks of larger USPS losses, rate increases and taxpayer subsides will increase," the report says. This is the latest sign that the Postal Service will have to undergo a radical overhaul to survive.
Is the Washington Post therefore "attacking" the USPS?!? Is the Government Accountability Office on some sort of persecuting, anti-Postal witch hunt?!
Postmaster General John Potter said he's prepared to make the necessary cuts. "We've studied this significantly. The time for study is over; now's the time for action," he told the Post.
Wow. I never thought I'd make this comparison, but I wish our bishops were more like the Postmaster General. You'd think it would be those charged with the salvation of our souls who would, you know, take their jobs more seriously...but, no, apparently it's the guy charged with delivering our letters. The bishops do, however, take themselves very seriously.
From some quarters, though, the Postal Service's decline has elicited more sentimental responses. Last week, The Nation, a liberal magazine, called the USPS "a national treasure" that must continue to be public "if we are to maintain the essential infrastructures of democracy."
Sounds like what certain people have been saying about mandatory celibacy...

But, I guess the Catholic Church "isn't a corporation"...

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