Thursday, April 29, 2010

Contrasts: Part II

True and beautiful inculturation:

(the image is from Cardinal Zen's TLM in Hong Kong...)


Jonathan said...


I did some research and apparently the Church was constructed by French missionaries. Now call me crazy, but the French seem to have a knack for inculturation (save for maybe Haitian Churches, but thats another story) than do The Spanish or Portuguese. I think much of what is told of Spanish and Portuguese Catholicism's less than tolerant attitude for the local culture (though not always, sometimes they attempted to do so ie The Guarani) stems from the occupation of The Germanic tribes. I mean just look at the Council of Toledo. It definitely explains A LOT, but no one on either side of the debate ever wants to look at that era.

Just my 2 cents.

ZuluFan said...

For all you know he could have been celebrating the Old Mass in Classical Chinese, something that Pope Paul V during the 16th century did allow :p... but probably not.

A Sinner said...

See, the Orthodox know how to handle this sort of thing: