Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Counter-Conspiracy?

So, the new sources I am consulting in the Conspiracy have brought me some more creepy information.

I don't know exactly what it means, maybe someone out there can explain themselves?

Someone from my university, or at least the same city, keeps accessing my blog, and it's not any of my friends in the area whom I've told about the blog. And they say they haven't told anyone else.

Alright, whatever. Local fans are as good as any.

Except, whoever this is...keeps searching the blog for terms that suggest they are trying to figure out who I am or where I'm from, it's really sort of scary.

And, perhaps more disturbingly, it seems like the IT people at one of the churches I attend may be tracking the blog for some reason, or at least like they've been asked to do so.

Whoever is doing all this, I think they will know who they are upon reading this. So...what the hell is going on?!?

Update: also, the Legionaries in Rome visited again today...


Anonymous said...

Oooo spooky. John, you sure know how to attract attention!


A Sinner said...


Do you know something I don't??

Anonymous said...

No. I thought I'd call you by a name that isn't yours to throw them for a loop. Or maybe it is your name. muahaha

Do you want to be found...or?

Jonathan said...

Oh come on leave Archie alone, ooops :( .