Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Papalgate" Isn't Pearly

I've referenced the Watergate analogy before.

Now comes this very good article showing the specific comparisons, how eerily close things are and, more importantly, what the Pope can do (if he acts quickly) to avoid the fate of President Nixon:


Yet the hierarchy resists these sort of analyses and analogies as if the human clergy is for some reason exempt from the natural rules of sociology, politics, psychology, history, etc.

I've mentioned before the need for more of political science, sociology, anthropology, and psychology to study the Church specifically. A friend has started to do just that with an ethnography of his trad parish. But we need more people willing to hold the institutional Church up to the same standards as other organizations, and analyze it according to the same principles we know hold true in other institutions.

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Jonathan said...

Very interesting indeed.

Why no one has chimed in on this particular entry is beyond me ?

Frankly it is depressing to turn around and find that every Catholic blog is buzzing about the current crisis. I mean I know things are bad, but what are WE doing about it. This is precisely what A Sinner was talking about in his post on Priests and the like speaking with passion from the pulpit. Priests should be able to dialogue about the current issue openly without the smokescreen responses and call us to action. Then again we Trads like pointing the finger at everyone else but GOD forbid the finger gets pointed at us to do something, gasps* "How dare they (Who is this "they" we keep distancing ourselves from ? Could it be THE SINNER we see in the mirror ? O.O) imply that we should lift a finger to do something! Heavens to Betsy!, faints*. Doing something is for those common people, those SINNERS ! Screams in horror*

Mind you I talk a lot as well and should do more, but frankly I'm a bit miffed at the times I did say and do something and got ostracized for it. Pppsssttt... this happened to me in both Trad and non Trad settings, but I'm not going to pull out the theatrics of "O woe is me.", give me a break. Renegade Trads was founded with the express purpose of dispelling the romanticized facade of "Pleasantville" that many try to pass Traditionalism off as. But I digress and return to my original point, we're not in Kansas anymore, so you can stop clicking your slippers and saying "Theres no place like home.". Its time to take your pic of either the blue or red pill and swallow it with all it entails.

BTW I think that chap there is on to something. I'd like to hear some thoughts on that there analysis posted. A Sinner what are your thoughts.