Sunday, March 7, 2010

Some Disturbing Information

So, I've been learning a bit more about some of my fans, and it turns out that some are still involved with crazy ideas like:

-Ideological support of Gun Rights
-Man-made Global Warming being allegedly fake
-Opposing welfare and health-care
-Scapegoating illegal immigrants
-Thinly veiled racism, nationalism, misogyny, homophobia, and chauvinism

I mean, you're free to disagree with me, as I always say, but I have to wonder, you even know what this blog is about?!? Those things are inimical to its whole spirit: conservative head, liberal heart. The whole point is to get away from the right-wing nut-jobs...and they just keep following!


Tim Ferguson said...

If you'd rather not have me here, I will be happy to go.

sortacatholic said...

I never understood why some traditional Catholics ally themselves with pronounced right-wing views. Maybe this factionalism stems from a desire to bridge politics and "orthodoxy". The GOP can't save us. There's no surefire way to cast ballots or boast of our so-called orthodoxy to win God's favor. We can't save ourselves from grace.

While I'm itching the beam in eye, I should note that I certainly look down on many of my fellow traditional Catholics. I reserve special scorn for those who fashion the ancient liturgy into a shield from (post)modernity. Many hold a profound neglect or even hostility towards the words and significance of the Mass itself.
I once offered to teach Latin at a church. I was told that few if any at the Church would care to learn. Why bother hearing Mass if one does not want to learn about it? The Mass is a verbal symphony. I would love to open people on to this view of prayer. Instead, they're so proud of hearing Latin Mass that they've forgot to notice the magnificent dance before them.

I'm convinced we melt our good will down to shields that hide our inadequacies. If only more people (including myself) were honest enough to betray why they tenaciously hold to their shields, then we might better engage in discussions of charity.

A Sinner said...

"If you'd rather not have me here, I will be happy to go."

Ha. Which of those positions do you hold?

I'm fine with people supporting gun ownership, just not as an ideological absolute. As I describe in that post, it must be a question of it working in a given context, not some absolute "right".

I think there can be valid arguments against the specifics of various welfare and health-care schemes but, again, you shouldn't oppose the whole concept "on principle".

A sort of tongue-in-cheek monarchism as a foil against which to critique the pitfalls of the current system (which has just as many) is harmless.


However, I must say, if you honestly believe the stupid stuff about Global Warming being fake, however, then yes, please leave. Please.

Anyone who swallows the crap being churned out by Cable News and, though not being an expert himself, spins a scientific issue into a political one, and then accuses the other side of having done that first in some bizarre (and rather pointless) conspiracy theory...would only tarnish what we're trying to accomplish here and be a huge distraction.

At the very least, don't expect anyone to take you seriously if you put something like that forth.

Parce nobis, Domine!

Tim Ferguson said...

I think I will bow out (hopefully) gracefully. I'm never comfortable in a place where a certain arbitrary orthodoxy is imposed (you must believe or think this to be welcomed here) and dissent from the canon is ridiculed.

Orthodoxy regarding the revealed truths of the faith - absolutely. Orthodoxy regarding some political stance or some scientific theory or other - no thank you.

I lived under a seminary system where I was ideologically scrutinized for seven years. I have no desire to try and conform my ideas to someone elses notion of acceptability that brooks no comprimise or dialogue.

Oremus invicem.

A Sinner said...

Touche. I was too harsh there, I just really have no patience for climate-change deniers.

But I should perhaps have a little more. I keep saying, you're free to disagree as long as you keep it civil. You know we're not trying to impose anything.

But I don't want this to become just some sort of Tea Party libertarian Catholicism, merely the most contrarian of the contrarians.

I got a little freaked out about that last night when I got some emails from some "fans". Because they were talking like I was on the same wavelength as them, but I totally was not. And the fact that they could think I was, was very disturbing.

Some ideas ARE wrong, obviously I believe that. I doubt Global Warming is going to touch on the questions of reforming the Church, though.