Thursday, March 11, 2010

Super Thanks!

So, as you may have notice, we now have a snappier layout. Someone on this post commented that we needed to spruce things up around here, and I agreed. I asked my friend Tony, who you may have seen around here commenting on posts like this one.

Tony has also started a Facebook fan-page for Renegade Trads. He is the one who set it up and runs it, not I, but I encourage you to join if you want, it's always nice to see who is out there reading.

Thanks again to Tony for the great work he's done!

1 comment:

Tony said...

You're most welcome.

My blog is totally not interesting...Probably because I have nothing interesting to say; or how I say it isn't nearly as entertaining as how you do. Which is why I was so eager to help spruce things up for you.

Ad multos annos!