Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Prayer Vigils in Major Cities

Voice of the Faithful will be holding vigils on Good Friday in major cities:


They aren't trad, but this is a group to look into. They don't question dogma, but they do demand structural reform of the clergy, including now wanting mandatory celibacy re-examined.


tony said...

Clearly not trad. I would say not even orthodox in some areas. When a book they recommend is by Garry Wills! HA!

Certain efforts of theirs are laudable though. Credit where credit is due. We need a network like that for those who lean towards our positions/values.

Maybe it can be a Renegade Trads initiative. ;)

A Sinner said...

I thought they were liberal too (and surely some members lean that way), but their actual official position is not to question any official teaching. For example, I don't see them pushing for women priests or contraception or anything like that. The smearing of them by the "conservative" Catholic media/websphere...was largely untrue. They are very different from "Call to Action" and other such groups.